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Linoleum is the perfect choice for homeowners in need of cost effective, durable, yet attractive flooring. You will not break the bank when you install linoleum floors in your home, and you also won’t have to spend a lot of time on cleaning or maintaining linoleum floors either. This flooring material resists water and wear from heavy foot traffic.
Still, while linoleum is one of the more worry-free flooring choices, it will require some consideration and care from you. Follow these simple linoleum care steps to keep your linoleum floors looking great for decades!

How to Clean a Linoleum Floor

clean linoleumWhen it comes time to clean a linoleum floor, don’t overdo it. Harsh chemicals and violent scrubbing is never necessary. A simple mop and a little mild household cleaning solution is all you should ever need to clean your floors. If you need more than that then the linoleum is probably damaged to the point of needing a replacement. Remember, the harsher your cleaning method, the more likely you are to reduce the life of the floor. Damaging the top layer of the linoleum floor can lead to deep staining and water damage. Keep the cleaning somewhat gentle.

Get a Linoleum Wax Shine

linoleum-waxOne great thing about linoleum is that it does not need to be polished often. Still, it will lose its shine eventually, so a gentle polish and application of wax made specifically for linoleum floors should be done when necessary. You will know it is necessary when normal cleaning does not restore the shine of the floors. Make sure you don’t use too much wax!

How to Get Scuff Marks Off Linoleum

linoleum scuffThis one is incredibly simple. A pencil eraser can remove most scratches on linoleum! That’s it. Simply erase the scuff like you would an errant pencil mark on a sheet of paper. An arts and craft store will have some larger cube shaped erasers that will be just fine for this task.

When to get some Professional Help…

cutting-linoleumWell, you can’t handle everything on your own. Linoleum is very easy to keep most of the time, but when it gets damaged, linoleum repair is almost never a do-it-yourself affair. In too many cases, homeowners do more damage when they try to fix a compromised section of a linoleum floor. In some cases, the only thing to do may be to get some new linoleum flooring rolls.

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