At Your Floor Guys we give a lot of carpets in Maricopa. We stock carpets in diverse designs in order to make it uncomplicated for different buyers to have their best models. Our carpets are available in either loop heap or cut pile. We generally deal with all kinds of carpets in the entire region of Maricopa. Based on manufacturing method they might be classified as needle felt, woven, knotted, embroidery and even tufted carpets. As a complimentary service to our clients, we provide superior installation services for the carpets which we sell. Your Floor Guys is the most renowned organization in terms of carpet and hardwood flooring in Maricopa AZ region.

Why Carpet?

At Your Floor Guys we have introduced a unique “Kids Carpet”, the carpet is now obtainable in Maricopa area for you to purchase. The carpet has a stain proof feature.

It includes a solution that is quite effective in cleansing medical supplies and removing disintegrating repulsive odor. Therefore, this feature would be very useful if there are children in your house.

Our carpets are of extraordinary consistency, grade as well as matchless beauty. We have carpets from high-end brands that you can think about.

The carpets are available at a price which you cannot compare with any other shop in Maricopa. Get from us and you will be assured of economizing great.

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Professionally Installed Carpet in Maricopa Arizona


We provide you an advantage of picking your favorite carpet flooring just from the comfort of your home. Only visit our website on a regular basis to grab the correct deal you might be waiting on. Now we are happy to give you free installation for new purchase from us. To be our fortunate client, only fill your details about the carpet which you will choose to have in our online contact form. You can also call us any time and you will be assured of amazing help. Carpets should match with the theme and structure of the room.

Why seeing carpet in your home is the way to go:Samples of carpet patches in various colors

  • At Your Floor Guys we will give you freedom to pick from our long variety of carpets. Each carpet is made in such a manner that it will look new many years after installation.
  • There is no hidden charge, so you will not need to bother about being ripped off by a lucrative deal.
  • It will be easy for us if you can gauge the area after picking the carpet style so that we can come in a more planned way or you can choose the design and allow our experts measure the area and set up the carpet nicely.
  • You may use our “Room Scene Creator” program for you to check countless different styles of carpets that might be laid in your house. There is no issue in using the program. Using ordinary instructions you will be able to pick the appropriate carpet for your house within a few minutes.
  • We have a dedicated team of customer care professionals. Just call (602) 648-6795 or fill our online contact form and you will access the best carpet for your house.

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