At Your Floor Guys we feature a wide selection of carpets in New River. We keep carpets in numerous styles so as to make it uncomplicated for different buyers to have their ideal styles. Two usual choices for carpets are loop pile and also cut pile. In reality you may find all varieties of carpets obtainable in New River at our store. As per production method they may be grouped as needle felt, stitched, knotted, embroidery and even tufted carpets. As a complimentary service to our customers, we provide superior installation services for the carpets which we promote. We have been able to acquire a good position in hardwood flooring installation New River AZ area with our high quality products and services.

Why Carpet?

At Your Floor Guys we have announced an exclusive “Kids Carpet”, the carpet is now found in New River area for you to buy. The carpet bears a spot protection feature.

It has a remedy that is very effective in cleansing medical equipment and eliminating disintegrating repulsive odor. This will work perfectly in your house in case you have kids.

Our carpets are of outstanding consistency, quality as well as unmatched gorgeousness. We have carpets from first-class manufacturers that you may imagine.

The carpets are marketed at a rate that you cannot compare with any other shop in New River. You can be hundred percent satisfied with our price if you compare them with other nearby retailers.

We Move Your Furniture For FREE!

Professionally Installed Carpet in New River Arizona


We provide you an advantage of picking your desired carpet flooring simply from the convenience of your house. Just check out our website often to get the best deal you may be hoping. Today we are glad to give you free assembly for new purchase from us. To be our privileged client, merely fill your specifics of the carpet which you will desire to have in our online contact form. We are prepared to help you with any carpet matter whenever you make a call. Carpets must match with the theme and style of the room.

Why seeing carpet in your home is the way to go:Samples of carpet patches in various colors

  • You can buy the ideal carpet from the huge collection which we have. The carpets have been made into diverse models to assure you fantastic services after you have them efficiently installed.
  • We do not have covert fees, after you decide on a particular carpet; we will organize and have it installed in your home the following day.
  • It can be easy for us if you can gauge the area after picking the carpet model so that we can come in a more prepared way or you can select the model and let our professionals measure the area and install the carpet effectively.
  • Our “Room Scene Creator” system will enable you to get a notion about how your room will appear like with different kinds of carpets. The function is easy for you to apply. Using easy instructions you will be able to buy the correct carpet for your house within a short time.
  • Our support service professionals are prepared to assist you. All you require to buy a great carpet is to call (602) 648-6795 or simply go to ‘contact us’ portion of our website and fill in a form.

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